Covid 19 Customer Safety Policy

Cumbria and The Lake District is a very special place offering adventure, fresh air, culture and space to reflect and contemplate. As one of the most beautiful and inspiring areas of The British Isles, it has been a surreal experience to have it to ourselves for a while. Whilst you have been away, nature has continued to take its course and we have been getting ready to welcome you back safely.

Our team at The Trout Hotel have been busy preparing to welcome guests and customers back after a very difficult period of lockdown. Although things are far from normal, we are reopening on the 31st of July. However, there are some significant changes. The following steps are designed to meet current HM government guidelines and protect everyone visiting and working in our hotel. Most of all, the precautions we have taken are to keep you safe, relaxed and welcome.

As the government update their guidance, we will revise our covid-19 customer safety policy.


Booking procedure, check in and check out will be streamlined to keep contact to a minimum. A protective screen and sanitising solutions have been installed for your protection.

  • When booking direct, guests will be encouraged to arrange all aspects of their stay prior to arrival. As much information will be given whilst booking to reduce check in times.
  • All accommodation will be pre-paid and an invoice emailed or sent out by mail.
  • On arrival, you can telephone when you arrive in the park. You will then be directed to your room and given a sealed bag with a disinfected key and room information document.
  • For your safety and the safety of our team, baggage cannot be handled on arrival or departure.
  • Guests can check out by simply leaving the room key in the room. Check out at reception will not be required.
  • A protective screen is in place at reception for your protection.


As well as stepping up levels of cleaning, all surfaces including soft furnishings and upholstery will be sanitised before each arrival.

  • Your room will have been thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and sanitised by housekeeping teams who are fully equipped with appropriate PPE. This is changed between each room service.
  • Particular attention is given to high touch areas such as switches and door fittings.
  • Soft furnishings and upholstery is also sanitised using industry leading products.
  • All consumables will be discarded after checkout so you may find a limited supply of certain products. If you require more, just contact reception by telephone.
  • Linens are professionally laundered at high temperature.
  • All unnecessary items such as hairdryers, pens, room folders and throws have been removed but if you do need something, we can provide it sanitised and sealed for your protection.
  • Our housekeeping team will be unable to enter your room during your stay. Should you require any clean towels, additional toiletries or tea and coffee, please call reception.

Public Areas

A high level of cleaning and disinfection will take place throughout the hotel and we have stepped up routine sanitising of common touch points.

  • A thorough phase of cleaning, disinfection and sanitising has taken place prior to opening and this is supported by continual cleaning scheduled throughout each day.
  • You will find hand sanitising points throughout the hotel for your use. We ask that you do use this as you arrive and when you leave. We respectfully advise you to avoid unnecessary handling or touching of surfaces and objects throughout the hotel.
  • You will find clear signage around the hotel relating to social distancing. We ask if you could observe the 1 meter minimum distancing rule.

Temperature Checks

In order to minimise the risk of transmission throughout our community, we are now asking all guests and visitors to be temperature checked on arrival. This will be carried out using a thermal non-touch thermometer. Temperatures at 38 °c and above may mean that entry will be refused.


Resident guests are requested to use their bathrooms rather than public toilets. Facilities for customers will be lockable and supplied with sanitising products.

  • Toilets in the main corridor and terrace are subject to a 1 in 1 out restriction with the exception of parents with children or those with carers. The door should be bolted from the inside if in use.
  • Toilets will be equipped with the spray bottles of sanitiser to use on touch points, toilet seats, taps and flush/faucets.
  • Toilet facilities will be checked throughout the day and high touch areas sanitised by the housekeeping team.

Food and Drink

All indoor dining will be strictly spaced with booking restrictions that allow for social distancing. Table service will be used in all circumstances. A system of cleaning and sanitising between bookings will remain a priority.

  • Numbers and booking times will be strictly reduced. Bookings are strongly advised either by booking direct on 01900 823591 or on You may not be able to choose a specific dining location.
  • If you do not have a booking, the host will endeavour to allocate you table. Please be aware that if we are full, you may not be able to dine.
  • The hotel is operating table service only. Cleaning sanitising of dining areas will be stringent and table allocations are limited to two hours.
  • You will receive appropriate cutlery, pre packed sauces and glasses once you have ordered. Menus will be replaced after each individual use.
  • To minimise the risk of contamination, the breakfast buffet will not be in operation. All breakfast items will be ordered from the menu if you are staying with us.
  • All food and beverage service areas will be operating from the same menu. Although we will not be offering a full a la carte menu, we have designed a menu that should suit most tastes and requirements.
  • For guests who do not wish to use our dining areas, Room service will still be in operation but items will be left at the bedroom door for your collection. There will be no tray charge during Covid 19 restrictions.

10.00 pm Bar & Restaurant Restrictions

Despite recent changes to Covid guidelines we are currently placed in the lowest tier (tier 1) and can offer guests and visitors uncompromised levels of service all day until 10.00 pm although the following adaptions have been made:

  • The latest booking for dinner is now 8.30 pm.
  • Residents can order any drinks prior to 10.00 pm and are welcome to enjoy the rest of the evening in our comfortable lounge. However, after 10.00 pm food and beverage orders are restricted to room service only.
  • Non-resident guests can still book as late as 8.30 pm but must vacate the hotel by 10.00 pm whilst these restriction apply.


The Rule of Six

The maximum table size we can accept is currently 6 people from multiple households although there are exceptions that may apply. Remember that for events such as weddings (15) and funeral gatherings (30) are allowed.

Payment Methods

Contactless card payments are strongly advised. All room bookings will be settled in full prior to arrival.

  • Residents will asked to pay in full when booking. Food, drink and other items cannot be charged to the room account and must be paid in addition by card in the appropriate department.
  • All guests and customers are requested to pay by card using contactless method if possible. The limit for this is £45.00. Cash will only be accepted if there is no alternative at the time.
  • We will be accepting vouchers that are valid. Discretion will be used regarding expiry dates.

Team Members

Significant training and restructuring has taken place with regards to Covid 19 guidelines. Daily temperature checks and monitoring of all team members.

  • Training across every team will be taking place prior to opening and procedures will be strictly monitored to avoid a breakdown in social distancing.
  • The frequency of handwashing and the availability of washing and sanitising facilities has been stepped up for all team members.
  • Cleaning sanitising and disinfection of all areas will be on a checklist. In terms of PPE, we are already stocked with the protective equipment and products we need.
  • In accordance with The HSE, Covid 19 will be treated as a reportable illness and team members will be obliged to isolate and be tested. A recorded temperature check will be made on all team members at the start and at the end of their shift.
  • Working in close proximity to colleagues will be avoided wherever possible.

Social Distancing

The hotel has been reconfigured to facilitate distancing in accordance with government guidelines. Many areas give significantly more than this.

  • All team members and customers are advised to adhere to distancing using floor markings and barriers where applicable.
  • Non residents MUST wait at the main entrance if there is a queue. You will be greeted then escorted to your table by a host if you have a booking OR if a table is available for you.
  • Residents of the hotel, please adhere to the reserved dining times outlined in your booking.
  • Residents do not need to queue outside in order to enter. Hosts will be located at entry points to control numbers and distancing.
  • Guests and Customers will be asked to maintain distancing throughout their visit.

Protective Equipment

As well as industry leading cleaning products, we have sanitiser stations throughout the hotel for guests use. All team members are equipped with department specific PPE.

To protect our team members we’ve provided them with PPE equipment including gloves, aprons and hand sanitiser.

Face Coverings

It is now mandatory for staff and customers to wear a face mask or similar covering in all public areas of the hotel, although it can be removed for eating and drinking and when seated at your table.

Cleaning and Disinfection

A strict routine of cleaning, disinfection and sanitising using industry leading products has been stepped up in accordance with current guidelines.

  • The Trout Hotel has always had strict cleaning routines as part of its housekeeping and food safety policy. This is being stepped up to include a significant increase in the sanitising and disinfection of common touch points and surfaces.
  • Additional sanitising will take place on items that are routinely handled by staff such as touch screens & payment terminals.
  • Public areas will be completely disinfected between service periods and at the end of day.

Gardens and Outdoor Service

Outdoor service will be restricted to ordering and pre paying for your food and beverages. Tables will be fixed according to social distancing guidelines.

  • Whilst restrictions are in place, for garden service please make a note of your table number and place your order with our host in the hotel lobby. Pre-payment will be required at the time of ordering.
  • Each table MUST be cleared and sanitised before being allocated again. We kindly request that customer do not use tables before they have been cleared and disinfected.
  • We also kindly request that customers do not move tables or chairs from their existing position. Where possible, we will be fixing tables down to avoid this happening.

If Symptoms are Present

Prior to Covid 19 all of our staff are under a contractual agreement to report any contagious diseases or reportable illnesses. Going forward, this will include Covid 19 symptoms. We will be monitoring temperatures of everyone working at the hotel using a non-touch digital thermometer. Anyone showing symptoms or a temperature of 38 oC and above will be sent home to isolate for 14 days.

  • On booking, guests and non-resident diners are requested to leave their contact details. This is to enable us to assist with contact tracing should an outbreak occur.
  • Guests/customers showing symptoms of Covid 19 may be asked to leave.
  • We respectfully request that guests who develop symptoms however mild, prior to arrival, contact the hotel to cancel or postpone their booking. In most circumstances, this will not incur any charges.

If a guest falls ill with Covid 19 symptoms during their stay, we request

  • The guest informs us by telephone.
  • The guest remains in their room & calls 111 to seek medical advice.
  • If the guest is able, they must arrange travel home then arrange a test.
  • The outcome of the test should be reported to hotel.